Phase II: call for TDM Software and Knowledge Resources

WARNING: due to the number of submissions the evaluation task will take a bit longer and the final announcement is posponed till 15th February 

Are you ready to develop and share an application or software component for text and data mining (TDM)? Or do you have knowledge resources that you would like to share and integrate with TDM software? OpenMinTeD is looking for service providers, innovators, SMEs and researchers who can join and build on the platform! You can apply for this call until the extended deadline 26 January 2018. Winners of the call will be awarded a sum of money to implement their plans. You will also be part of an online hackathon to help you along the way.

Why you should join

By sharing TDM software or knowledge resources with OpenMinTED, you enhance the visibility and impact. Winners of this call will be awarded € 7.000 (for small bids) or € 17.500 (for larger bids) including VAT and expenses to implement the integration of their software or components into the OpenMinTeD infrastructure.

What we are looking for

We are looking for innovative applications and systems that can align high impact software with the OpenMinTeD infrastructure. Examples are: widely used language processing tools, language processing components tailored to one of the OpenMinTeD use cases, new text mining, text analytics, or information extraction components and ready-to-use applications.

We are also looking for knowledge resources that can be combined with software components in workflows in order to build end-user applications tailored to the needs of specific disciplines. Examples include ontologies or large terminological resources from specific domains (e.g. agriculture, bioinformatics etc.) that can be used in TDM applications for annotating and extracting relevant named entities (e.g. grape varieties, genes, proteins, etc.), etc.

The software and resources must be available for integration into the OpenMinTeD infrastructure and follow the relevant interoperability specifications outlined in the:

How to join the call

You can join the call by submitting a CV and a proposal of maximum 10
pages  by 26 January . The proposal has to consist of a document (Font
family Arial, 11 font size running text, pdf) and the following

  1. Tender title.
  2.  Contact person and affiliation email, telephone, address
  3.  Description of tender proposal
    3.1. Concept, objectives and tender priority topics addressed
    3.2. Description of proposed work,rationale, use cases, usage scenario
    3.3. Methodology
    3.4. Workplan: work, milestones, timeline, expected results
  4. People and experience: details of staff, capabilities, institutional and individual experience
  5. Risk assessment, which risks are foreseen and how they will be managed
  6. Cost information: breakdown of costs excluding VAT, estimated number of days to be contributed to the project

A Curriculum Vitae (or memory/description) has to be uploaded separately.

A review committee will judge the proposals based on the selection criteria.
They aim at reviewing and communicating the results within 2 weeks after
the call closes.

Check the Agenda for important dates and deadlines.

Submit your proposal through the online submission form.

Technical Support
For questions and support, go to the support page on the OpenMinTeD.