Selection Criteria (Phase I)

All list of selection criteria with an associated weighting schema will be used to score and rank tender proposals. Each member of the core committee will provide independently evaluation scores for each tender proposal.

The selection of tenders will be handled through the use of weighted selection criteria. The following selection criteria (C) will be used to evaluate bids:

C1 Alignment with the OpenMinTeD objectives (*)
3 points
C2 ​Appropriateness, feasibility of methodology, timeline 2 points
C3 Experience and significance of the providers (​reference sites and past projects as evidence of experience, intrinsic quality, coverage, size, current audience, intended audience, …), quality and significance of the provided content, commitment to join the TDM landscape and to offer new services. 5 points
C4 Coverage: Does the content provided extends the coverage of the OpenMinTeD? (new languages other than English, new domains, new  communities,…) 10 points
C5 Dissemination plan and initiatives. 5 points
    Total: 25

(*) OpenMinTeD aspires to enable the creation of an infrastructure that fosters and facilitates the use of text mining technologies in the scientific publications world, builds on existing text mining tools and platforms, and renders them discoverable and interoperable through appropriate registries and a standards-based interoperability layer, respectively.

The goal of the project is to establish an open and sustainable TDM infrastructure where researchers can collaboratively create, discover, share and re-use knowledge from a wide range of text-based scientific related sources in a seamless way to advance research, promote interdisciplinary open science, and ultimately support evidence based decision making.